Blog Housekeeping Notes (1)

— Tidied up a new theme for this blog in WordPress. Home page still has tags and a subscription box, but the layout has been simplified everywhere. Hopefully not too simplified.

[X] Implement search somewhere since the theme doesn’t do that automatically 🥲 Done, it’s in the footer.

[ ] Fill out new Spirits page

— Added a page of blogs I follow under the Book Hoard (will keep updating)

Possible future blog topics (do let me know if one or the other seem of interest) :

  • Athletic and athletic healing cultus with Đirona
  • Notes on the Celts and who they actually were
  • Calendars and the stars
  • Mosses
  • Verbena
  • Three Wells (Cauldron of Poesy)
  • Epona
  • Taranos
  • Đirona






2 responses to “Blog Housekeeping Notes (1)”

  1. battlepoet Avatar

    ooo I vote for athletic cultus and MOSS


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