About The Witch

Osfairy is the nom de plume of a city-dwelling, settler animist and witch who is working on decolonizing their practice and heal their relationship with stolen and occupied land, and the earth in general.

As a white settler and descendant of immigrants, I have a responsibility to commit to anti-racist and anti-colonial practices in my relationship with people on this land. As an animist and witch who came to their practice in the early 2000s, I absolutely have to commit to decolonizing my practice in the face of colonialism, imperialism, war, capitalism, poverty, and the ongoing human-created climate catastrophe.

I am also queer and nonbinary, I use they pronouns in English and iel/lo pronouns in French. I deal with sometimes severe mental and physical illness which I’ve written about frankly in my writing here.

As a witch and animist I deal mostly with non-anthropomorphized land spirits. I live in Montréal/Tio’tiah:ke, unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory and the meeting place of many peoples, and my primary relationships are with Otsirà:ke / Mont Royal, as well as the myriad alleyway and boulevard spirits that criss-cross the city.

I also occasionally have dealt with and spoken with some of the old gods and goddesses my ancestors worked with, including Toutatis, Taranis, and Hekate. I’ve met Loki and his family. I have also had several dealings with the fair folk.

My practice is best described as hedgewitchery inspired by traditional magic (definition coming soon) and folk tales. I am very much a “feel it out, trust my gut” kind of witch. I don’t believe that witchcraft can solve all my/our problems. I do believe that it can solve some of them.

This WordPress is an archive of my public writings on witchcraft and animism since 2015, and a lot of it is very rough. Some of the older posts don’t necessarily best represent where I’m at now (especially in terms of appropriative vocabulary), but they are useful to keep around as perspective on my own journey and how far I’ve come. I’ve also written for Gods & Radicals in the past, and some of my blog posts here link to my writing there.

I have a witchcraft-related Instagram here. (It’s fallen a bit by the wayside, I admit, as I am not on Instagram as much as I used to be.)

Be well, and enjoy the writings for what they are: experiments, fumblings in the dark, and journeys to discovery.

– Osfairy