Notes on Isabelle Stengers’ “Reclaiming Animism” (Part One)

That – before the field become solely map memoryIn some archive of some architect’s screenI might possess it or it possess meThrough its night dew, its moon white caulIts slick and shine and its prolifigacyIn every wingbeat in every beat of timeDeath of a Field, Paula Meehan, 2005 This is the first in what I … Continue reading Notes on Isabelle Stengers’ “Reclaiming Animism” (Part One)

My (New) Approach to Polytheism For Beginners

Super thoughtful blog post, not just for beginners but for long-time polytheists as well.

On Wings of Summer

Introducing people to Paganism is not a new task for me. Over the past 11 years, I have helped a number of friends navigate the unfamiliar waters of polytheistic faith, usually by providing the resources but letting them swim on their own. But I have grown, too. Looking back, I don’t think I would tell someone brand new what I used to tell people in the past. These days, I have a clearer understanding of unhelpful thinking within Greater Pagandom™ that I would want to excise from beginners right away — the sooner, the better.

These are the things I would do differently now:

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I've written about my first two Witches' Sabbats before—the first, which took place in May 2015, and the second, which took place in May 2016. As I was going through my notes and thoughts from the third Sabbat this past May, I realised I was drafting in my mind’s eye a text of a slightly larger scope than the previous two years’ retrospectives, as I revisited the past and reconsidered all the events that have led me to The Witches' Sabbat of Raven's Knoll.