(Dis)Enchanting Existence, Sacred Geographies

Magical arts and sacred geographies

A few weeks ago I read an article by Maranda Elizabeth called: How Magic Helps Me Live With Pain And Trauma (read here). The article directly inspired the reflections below, as I want to highlight the importance of magical and artistic geographies when it comes to both magic and creativity. Continue reading

Witches Sabbat

Reflections on Bioregional Animism, Consent and Power Dynamics (Raven’s Knoll 2015)

When I first encountered magic, it was the seductive appeal of might and agency that first caught my attention. It’s about power. We crave it, we want it, we need it. The intricacies, oddities and quirks of the craft are what sustained my fascination after the initial coup de foudre, but undoubtedly, looking back at my young self, still very much a child, I wanted to live and breathe magic because it was power. Continue reading