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  • Mythless

    There’s a frequent joke shared in Heathenry spaces which I share below: I think those of use who move through these spaces are quick to lament the loss of lore and myth, for good reason. An enormous amount of knowledge is lost in 2000s years of history. The fragments which have survived will forever suffer…

  • A few notes on the theorized original characteristics of the Gaulish religion(s)

    A few notes on the theorized original characteristics of the Gaulish religion(s)

    I’ve been slowly making my way through Les religions gauloises by Jean-Louis Brunaux over the past several months. I really loved reading Les druides, which I had to return to the national library but am hoping to pick back up again soon. Les religions gauloises similarly does not disappoint.  In this book, Brunaux decided not…

  • A Shrine for Cathubodua

    A Shrine for Cathubodua

    Indeed, the Crow Battle Goddess took me incredibly by surprise when she revealed herself last fall.

  • Đirona’s Crown

    Đirona’s Crown

    I spent hours watching the fresh-watered wavescollide against the earth; thunder brewing at the tip top of the pines, glorious skies that unfurl out and deep into the west;the wind carrying sweet-water spray onto the land where I standin the shadows of the trees, waiting for the first celestial bodiesto rise behind me from the…

  • Notes on Ancient Fire by Segomâros Widugeni (2018)

    Notes on Ancient Fire by Segomâros Widugeni (2018)

    I picked up Ancient Fire, An Introduction to Gaulish Celtic Polytheism, by Segomâros Widugeni on a whim, and I have to say I enjoyed reading the book. Widugeni’s book is 1) blissfully concise, 2) clear, and 3) is full of citations. As people might intuit from other posts on this blog, citations and citational politics/ethics…

  • Breaking Waves

    Breaking Waves

    A goddess has joined my household. Here is how it happened.

  • Orchardcraft


    What do I want out of my practice? I think it’s easiest to answer with an example. What I want out of my practice is best reflected by the day I had yesterday. Some pagan friends and I went to an orchard to pick apples and can them afterwards. Before beginning our little harvest of…