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  • Mythless

    There’s a frequent joke shared in Heathenry spaces which I share below: I think those of use who move through these spaces are quick to lament the loss of lore and myth, for good reason. An enormous amount of knowledge is lost in 2000s years of history. The fragments which have survived will forever suffer…

  • Breaking Waves

    Breaking Waves

    A goddess has joined my household. Here is how it happened.

  • Orchardcraft


    What do I want out of my practice? I think it’s easiest to answer with an example. What I want out of my practice is best reflected by the day I had yesterday. Some pagan friends and I went to an orchard to pick apples and can them afterwards. Before beginning our little harvest of…

  • Dipping my toes in evergreen waters

    How ridiculous and what a stranger he is who is surprised at anything that happens in life. — Marcus Aurelius Recently, I’ve been exploring capital-H Heathenry much as magpie or crow might. I believe that there is something there that is shiny, useful, and which already aligns which much of what I’m already doing. I…