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  • On slowing down—way down

    On slowing down—way down

    Every now and then I find myself falling into the same old trap of urgency. The I shoulds and I needs become confused and pressing. I find myself despairing at the piles of books and scholarly articles downloaded, the endless notes piling up, the outlines that never make it past a few scant intentions. This…

  • A Shrine for Cathubodua

    A Shrine for Cathubodua

    Indeed, the Crow Battle Goddess took me incredibly by surprise when she revealed herself last fall.

  • Notes on Ancient Fire by Segomâros Widugeni (2018)

    Notes on Ancient Fire by Segomâros Widugeni (2018)

    I picked up Ancient Fire, An Introduction to Gaulish Celtic Polytheism, by Segomâros Widugeni on a whim, and I have to say I enjoyed reading the book. Widugeni’s book is 1) blissfully concise, 2) clear, and 3) is full of citations. As people might intuit from other posts on this blog, citations and citational politics/ethics…

  • Orchardcraft


    What do I want out of my practice? I think it’s easiest to answer with an example. What I want out of my practice is best reflected by the day I had yesterday. Some pagan friends and I went to an orchard to pick apples and can them afterwards. Before beginning our little harvest of…

  • Resurrection

    It’s been a long while since I last updated, and my last meandering post left it on kind of a dark note. I’ve got to admit, not long afterwards, I did end up dismantling all my physical shrines in my home and stored them away until finally, this last week, I took a look at…

  • On discernment, discipline, mental illness, and witchcraft

    I’ve been having a tough time with witchcraft lately. In the last four month, I lost a rather close friend over it. We’d been friends for over ten years, and he’d been one of my first friends to talk to me about magical accidents. You know, those times when all of a sudden, you think…

  • Let’s Read: Notes on Chapter 1 of Aidan Wachter’s “Six Ways Approaches & Entries for Practical Magic”

    So, as I mentioned on Instagram, I’ve been meaning to work through some books and I decided to create these “let’s read” (get it?) to motivate myself to engage with these works in a thoughtful way, and maybe generate something useful in the process.